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intelligent patient access for a healthier population    

Virtual doctor visit or traditional office appointment? Urgent care clinic or hospital emergency room? Internist or specialist? And does anyone actually have a…


Combating Physician burnout in the digital era 

Physicians are burning out at alarming rates, and we should all be paying close attention. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality …


Protecting network integrity in an evolving digital landscape 

What exactly is network integrity? According to The Advisory Board, "Network integrity is your system's ability to keep patients within your defined network of providers..."


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A mighty flame followeth a tiny spark.
— Dante Alighieri

Our main goal is to create the spark in healthcare that allows for innovative process improvements, best practices, and informed opinions on all issues healthcare. 

We will spark your thought process through extensive thought leadership from some of the most influential industry and subject matter experts. The healthcare topics we will be sparking about include:

  • Overcoming the many challenges that are faced daily
  • Being proactive with growing consumerism
  • Disrupting the traditional through nontraditional synergies and strategies
  • Sharing opinions on recent trends and current topics 

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