Our Mission

DocASAP connects patients and optimal care providers by intelligently matching patient needs with care delivery workflows. We simplify timely access through online scheduling across applications that patients use and trust. Born from a vision of streamlining the patient experience by creating a seamless way for patients to easily and accurately navigate to care providers in a timely manner, we help nurture long-lasting relationships with patients and their doctors. 

We help health systems and doctors improve scheduling and operational processes while reducing no-shows, filling last-minute cancellations, and reducing staff time on the phone. We provide payors and health plans the ability to close care gaps for members, while ensuring active member engagement. 

We have developed the tools to improve the most important aspect of care delivery: patient satisfaction. Our robust solution improves the point of patient access, engages the patient to allow for a more positive care delivery experience and empowers care providers with actionable data that shows where to improve operational processes. 

Today, our company is serving thousands of providers nationwide, and have millions of patients using our solution for finding timely care every month. Since we were commercialized in 2012, we have grown at a remarkable pace that we can only attribute to the positive attitude and strong family spirit of the team that powers our company and the success of our clients.

As we continue to grow and diversify our patient offerings, our need for a partner that could help us match patients with a provider that meets their clinical needs and availability grew significantly. DocASAP’s capabilities help us connect with new patients and strengthen relationships with current patients.
— George A. "Jack" Cioffi, MD, President, ColumbiaDoctors