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One Fierce CEO: The Origin Story of DocASAP

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A frightening scenario for any parent: your child is in pain from an ear infection. You search for a doctor, but can’t find anyone local who can see and treat your child within the next few weeks. Your child needs care now, but you just can’t find the right provider. The search drags on, causing your family much anxiety and your child much pain.

In 2009, this was the scenario in which Puneet Maheshwari found himself.

“I realized there was an opportunity to simplify access in our healthcare system,” said Maheshwari.

Maheshwari, a Wharton MBA graduate, developed DocASAP while working full time in Silicon Valley. His background in software development and technology gave him the expertise to create a successful healthcare tech startup. Seed funding and a successful Series A round helped propel DocASAP to the top of its class, quickly gaining ground on larger rivals such as Zocdoc.

There’s no stopping DocASAP now. Not only does DocASAP provide real-time doctor availability information via common online channels such as Google and healthcare insurer websites, but it also allows patients to search only for providers that accept their insurance, and filter providers based on location, health specialties and more.

Instead of calling each provider to gather information, patients simply enter their needs, select an intelligently-matched provider near them and click to schedule an appointment. Email and SMS messages handle the appointment confirmation, cancellations and rescheduling. Mobile messaging is also used to help patients prepare for and understand what to expect at their appointment.

Since the system works so well (in many cases boosting appointment volume by 10 percent or more), many providers use DocASAP instead of the rudimentary online appointment schedulers provided by some EHR systems.

Despite this success, Maheshwari remains humble about the performance of the business and passes much of the credit on to his team.

“It’s all about the team,” said Maheshwari. “But, surrounding yourself with the right team is easier said than done. At DocASAP, we hire for attitude and aptitude. Maintaining an honest and down-to-earth culture has allowed us to bring together some of the smartest minds in the business.”